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The opening page will take you to our login page. If you are a new client to Envy, click NEW GUEST and complete the registration form. If you are an existing Envy client, and this is the first time using our New System, you will need to get a new temporary PASSWORD. Click EMAIL MY PASSWORD TO ME, and the password will be sent. Log in by entering your  EMAIL ADDRESS & PASSWORD. We recommend you copy and paste the temporary password when logging in for the first time. You can change your password once you have successfully logged in. In the future, if you happen to forget your password, feel free to click EMAIL MY PASSWORD TO ME at any time.

Online Booking Tips

 Color services do not automatically include a haircut, so you will need to select both services to be included in the appointment.
. Please choose the appropriate appointment time with stylist. You may then click on "BOOK SELECTED". 

 For quality scheduling, if you are unsure of the exact service you need, PLEASE call to schedule your appointment. Scheduling improperly can cause conflicts with other appointments.

You will receive confirmation of your appointment and if there are any problems you will be notified by email. You will also receive a reminder email within 48hours prior to your appointment. Be sure to click the CONFIRM link contained within the email. For assistance, please call or email us at or 360.565.8188.

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